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Thread: Turbo Mustang

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    Turbo Mustang

    Thinking about buying this Mustang.

    What do you think??
    1989 Mustang GT
    ~77k Miles
    Grey Interior
    BBK Lowering Springs
    BBK Upper Control Arms (Can include BBK LCAs but not installed)
    Mishimoto Aluminum (BIG) Radiator
    SN95 Electric Fan

    T5 has a new King Cobra Clutch and flywheel w/ ~400 miles
    Pro 5.0 Shifter
    2.73 rear gears

    High Flow 255l Fuel Pump
    BBK Adj. FPR
    42lb Injectors (Ford Racing)
    Pro M 3" Blow through MAF

    Battery located in back of car
    MSD 6AL
    Engine bay cleaned up and some wires tucked
    SCT Chip/Tune by Corey Simpson

    1986 Shortblock with flat top pistons (stock)
    Lightly Ported/Cleaned Up E7 Heads (Gives some boosted compression)
    Stock Cam
    Stock Intake
    Stock TB
    3G Alternator
    A/C Delete Brackets (Polished)
    BBK Underdrive Pulleys
    Boost Brothers Turbo Kit
    -T67 Turbo
    -IC Piping cut and fit for a clean look

    The below dyno sheet was the last of 3 pulls that one saturday it was 95* out, its best numbers were 423hp/490tq slipping the clutch.

    No rust issues
    Not sure on brand of turbo I will check

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    Id like the radiator, electric fan, and coil bracket for my B2200.

    BUY IT! (i'll get the extra parts later, lol)


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