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Thread: Halloween Bash - Mini DriftDay/Stance/Fitted/Flush meet

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    Halloween Bash - Mini DriftDay/Stance/Fitted/Flush meet

    On Sunday, October 14th, We are assisting Circuit Grand Bayou(CGB) with their annual Halloween Bash Drift event. Come out dressed up in costumes and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of some driftcars tearing up around the track, hang out with friends, make new friends, walk around the pits and feast your eyes on the sweet fitted cars. Gates open at 8am, CGB will have their Gulf Coast Racing series take place in the morning and anyone interested in checking out some cool grip racing, you're more than welcome to get their early if you like.

    General Admission: $10
    VIP Stanced/Fitment/Flush Admission: $15
    Drifters: $40(solo or tandem - cage not required!)

    General admission gets you passed the gates.
    VIP Stance/Fitment/Flush Admission gets you passed the gates and VIP roped off parking for your vehicle. Parking will be closer to the drift action.
    Anyone interested in Drifting, its only $40, which includes gate entry and Drift access on track.

    Drifting starts at 2pm, and will end at 5:30pm or whenever sunlight is gone. Their will be a grip session from 8am-2pm so the track will be open all day if any grippers or early birds are interested in getting their early.

    Drifting takes place on the peanut section of their 1.8m roadcourse, track speeds as fast as 80-95mph or faster(depending on car/engine setup). Helmets and basic SCCA tech inspection is a requirement to drift(both drivers and passengers). Tandem will be allowed(no cage needed - at drivers risk). Their will be no drift competition or grip laps during drift times to focus on all out nonstop drifting for 3+hrs. No tire mount services, bring PLENTY of rubber mounted wheels.

    No pre-registration is needed, just show up the day of and pay at the gates. VIP Admission/Parking will be limited so first come first serve until the section is full.

    Track info/address:
    CGB is also known as NoProblem Raceway(same place).
    Raceway Court.

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    BUMP BUMP BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will be a fun meet and drift event.. Remember ride alongs whenever.. cageless tandem.

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    This still on?

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    This is still happening. NoDrft doesn't cancel.


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