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Thread: Is 06 s class a good decision?

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    Is 06 s class a good decision?

    My mother wants to get a s class and my parents looked at an 06 s500. I warned them of future repair bills even though 06 is last year they made the s500. It has 84,xxx miles and drives fine. I am just worried about future problems or maybe I am just overreacting. Does anyone have input and possibly any techs or indy shops for specifically mercedes? Thanks

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    I would do a google search on S class maintenance first and see what people say. I would read forum reviews over sites such as first.

    Forums are usually filled with first hand experiences and prices and not just guesstimates.

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    I think there is a Mercedes specialist out in Metairie. All they work on is Mercedes and that's it.

    The place is called Fritz and Hanz

    I'm sure they would have some knowledge on what to look for.
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