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Thread: hockey puck mounts s13

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    hockey puck mounts s13

    Any knowledge on it thinking of doing it my mounts are shot

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    to rigid, no clue how it would take heat, pita to shape properly. Id bet it would crumble in a couple of weeks. what i have seen done before, is take some large poly suspension bushings from autozone (like $30) and fit that into an insert into you motor mount housing.

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    Seen it done many times before. Common problem with failure is people don't use a washer the same size washer as the puck. So the puck just ends up breaking off from the stress

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    So if I get a washer same size should work out than

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    I have a set. Oem style i believe theyre circuit sports. Paid like $120 for them a year ago and used them for 3-4 months. $60 obo

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    A set how rough were they driven on and is the vehicle stock

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    done it. works good but as stated they are very rigid. do use washer with it. its pointless without them.

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    Mine came in the other day. :D Pieced 'em together a couple hours ago. Much easier to install than the stock mounts and the motor doesn't budge 1 millimeter. Literally.

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    lol i still have my circuit sports mounts i bought a long ass time ago and havent installed them. might try this

    2003 BMW 530i Sport 5sp


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