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Thread: 2003 accord 6speed Build.

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    2003 accord 6speed Build.

    figured i'd share the updates that have been going on with the AV6-6

    Car was purchased in Febuary of 2011 and didnt get any love until about the end of May.

    this is my progress from the past year or so.

    how it looked the day i picked it up.

    first thing i tackled was cutting out the air vents and replaced them with some OEM fogs.

    during the same weekend i went ahead and installed the Japanese accord Manifold cover to clean up the engine bay.



    Next was replacing those awful looking headlights with some shiny new blackhoused ones.

    I've always been a spoiler type of person, so for me this was an easy decision to do next.



    The Addition of the lip kit was next.. front lip first.

    Then sides.

    Before i found a good deal on the rear, i went ahead and got Coilovers.
    F&F Type Ones.

    Made a deal with a dealer out in texas for the rear.

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    i finished off the exterior (minus new wheels) with some OEM window visors and fresh tint.

    XXR 521's were next.

    Test Fit

    got them mounted and lowered the car a bit more. this is how the car sits now...

    recently partially painted my manifold cover.


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    I want your car lol

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    Look clean but simple, good job.

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    damn... very nice, very clean n simple

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    Possibly my favorite Accord ever. Its sooooo clean.
    Token Hyundai guy.
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    Thanks a lot guys.

    I'll update as I move along. I'm just now moving into the performance stage.

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    nice whip

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    Was this for sale not to long ago?

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    I had it for sale because I thought I had an S2000 lined up and the deal fell through.

    I will sell it if the right car comes along.


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