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Thread: March 2011 Featured Ride Voting (Polls close 3/25)

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    I was wondering why Tommy's car wasn't in on this. . .

    The voters graph looks like it's giving the middle finger if you turn it right-side up. . .

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    Next month,, going fo the benzo.
    Officialy slow and low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbonola View Post
    thanks bro but fact is i email pj all my info. :)
    no prob man.... i personally think you should get a new honorary ride of the month for april, that or be able to re-run for rotm. but no matter who it is, and just like in your case, its not right for anyone/thing to diminish anyone elses time to shine... in this case mike

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    why u think i voted for mike, his z is the hotness

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    tommy - i wasnt implying you at all. you got every right to feel shafted, cause facts are, you were robbed of your light like taylor swift/kanye. ive only met you a handful or so times and seen your car run at ifo 2011 and your ride is damn impressive, definitely one of the top guys around. I think you are one of the very few people who deserve ROTM simply because you not only built your car equally all around (except for a few painted peices here n there ;) but you drive it the way you built it for, and handle it pretty well in straight line and road course. its no garage queen and thats what a true "machine" is and even though my car is slow and i have done nothing mentionable to it, i speak for myself and almost every member of this forum... we have a lot of respect for you and your car.

    I will happily put my name on a poll if you started a NEW thread petitioning that you be ride of the month for april, i think then, NOSR as a forum can make the choice. Since everyone vouched for you as ROTM once, im sure they will be willing to back you again.
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