I Saw BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER a few nights ago... And I must say it totally changed my view of steroids. I But I'm not sure if the documentary was supposed to be like a Micheal Mooore type film, where you see his side only. If you havenn't seen it, check it out. Its on youtube in 11 parts.

start here...


It will make you see a whole new light on it. I know that the media has a lot to do with the bad rap on EVERYTHIMG. It bothered me that Bush had anything to say. When people are saying he was a horrible president. Awesome scene that Arnold said he owed everything to america.

We got into a discussion at work about the usage of steroids. Is it cheating? I said yes and no to an extent. watch the movie and then you'll understand. Where do you draw the line on using "performance enhancement drugs"?

I think that is like the next level of PEDs. There is much stuff on the market that is legal, Why use steroids? there are pro hormones that already boost up you test levels naturally, hgh, Igf, etc etc etc. Maybe not to those levels but enough.

And the fda dea afa all got invlved in banning the peds was outrageous! to me. I was like F the fda! They are worse than anyone getting stuff to pass. How many commercials have you seen of class action law suits on drug companies? Tons. How are they able to get these drugs passed then banned not too long after that? It's terrible. They get paid off by drug companies! How many itens are on the shelf that are not fda approved? fda approved?

Did congress have to get involved in that situation? I sasid no. They have more important things to worry about. But seeing as many were baseball fans... guess they wanted to put there two cents in.

Don't get me wrong that I feel bad for the dads son killing himself. It's something a parent should never go through. But I think he went at it the wrong way. He needed something to blame. steroids were the obvious choice. But could it have been the antidepressants he was coming off of? those are the biggest side effects of coming off of anti depressants!

well watch it and come bacck and discuss it with me. I would like to hear what you guys think. I have always wanted to do just 1 cycle, but am too scared. lol. everyone always told me that I should do it as they see how much I struggle with weight gain. But my view is that its too extreme for me. I will try reg supps, clean diet, reg exercise. and then if all else fails pro hormones (all legal of course) like Gaspari novadex xt or Universal M-stak. Friends recommended that and say it really helps. I always read labels on supplements and always do my research on anything and everything I buy. especially supplements! k I'm done.

Steroids it whats for dinner :D

btw anyone know how to build an altitude chamber? I really want one!