I have tons of extras that will go in, especially spare stock parts, wheels, stuff to put A/C in, etc. I just don't have the time anymore to finish the car, nor the place to keep it due to medical school. Car is currently incomplete, car is apart, wiring harness plugged up, cranks over but doesnt idle, needing a tune for the new fuel injector and turbo setup. It has minimal interior, (removed heater, A/c units, planned for a Summit Race standalone heater, I have all the panels to go with the car), has a fusebox tuck under the dash. Only thing this car needs is a tune and paint, reassembly and you'll have one of the baddest S13s in the area. Essentially, all this car needs is to go back together, can be a fun and competitive drift car. I was swapping to manual doors, I was in the middle of tracking another passenger manual door, but currently have a drivers side manual door, but both power doors. Again, car doesn't drive, needs assembly, and tune due to the standalone, new injectors. A lot of the parts on the car have less than 500 miles on them after installation. A lot of them have none.

I would really love to make a trade, and can come up with cash on my end but depends on what. I am particularly interested in any import sports cars, anything from S2000s, 350zs, Evolutions, STIs, etc. I'd trade with cash on a fair value.

I am going to be fairly firm on 6800, just considering that I could part it and make a significant portion of that money by just selling the wheels. I don't want to part out, right now, except for the RPF1s maybe, but only a very very good offer will take them without the car.
VIN# - JN1MS36P2PW313918 - Clear LA title.

SHREVEPORT, LA. (3 hours away from DFW area)
BEST PLACE TO GET AT ME IS TEXT ME AT 318-two-seven-two-6996, OR EMAIL ME AT aa87@bellsouth.net

1993 Black 240sx Fastback
S13 Blacktop SR20DET ~ 60k Miles
Greddy Metal Headgasket
ISIS 3360 Turbocharger ‚€“ similar sized to pulsar GTI-R T28 - larger exhaust housing - Easy 300whp turbo.
ISIS/custom Water oil lines (Water feed similar to that of S14 coolant neck)
Apex'i Power FC D-Jetro (MAP sensor, IAT sensor) w/ Commander
ISIS V2 Tubular Bottom mount Manifold
3 Inch Turbo outlet, 3 inch downpipe, 3 inch exhaust, ASPEC Blast Pipes
SPARE EXHAUST - APEX'i GT Spec 3.5" exhaust, with CATCO cat, and downpipe
ISIS Hard Intake Kit
Circuit Sport Master Cylinder Shield
Powered By Max High Mount Intercooler kit, custom cold pipe with IAT Bung
HKS SSQV Blow off Valve
Deautchwerks 550cc Injectors, Circuit sport Fuel rail adapter
ISIS Polished intake manifold
Tomei Type-S Fuel Pressure Regulator with Gauge
Circuit Sport Coolant Resevoir/Overflow
Circuit Sport Thermal intake gasket
Koyo Copper Radiator/ OEM Fan Shroud
Powered by Max Coolant Breather system
ISIS Oil Cooler Kit
Custom -10AN Heater Plugs
Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller
Apex‚€™i Turbo Timer
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
STRI DSD Boost, Water Temperature, Oil Pressure gauges
Exedy Stage 2 Triple Puck Clutch
Circuit Sport Short Shifter
SPL Parts SS Clutch Line
Z31/Nismo Clutch Slave Cylinder
Megan Racing Motor Mount/Transmission Mount kit
Shimmed VLSD
SPL Parts Solid Differential Bushings
Power By Max Rear Subframe Riser Kit
Power By Max Coilover set, 8 way adjustable, including optional Spring pair 10K/8K/6K (Current Setup 8k/6k)
Power By Max Front Tension Rod
Power By Max Rear Upper Camber Arm
Power By Max Rear "BENT" Toe Arm
S14 SE Front Lower Control Arm (+10mm width), S13 Ball Joint, S13 Front knuckle
Ikeya Formula Front Inner Tie Rod, Moog S14 Outer Tie Rod, PBM Tie rod spacer
Energy Suspension Bushing Set (Front Sway Bar, Front Lower Control Arm, Steering Rack, Rear Control Arm, Rear Spindle, Rear Traction Arm, Rear Sway Bar all installed)
Circuit Sport Solid Steering Bushing
Ichiba Front 5 Lug Hub, Z32 NA Rear 5 Lug hub
300zx Z32 Aluminum, 28mm Front Brakes, Rear Aluminum Brakes, rear Ebrake Setup
DIF Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Nardi Steering Wheel
Circuit Sport Short Steering Hub
JIC/Cross Bucket Seat, Buddy Club Seat Rail (Driver)
Botttom Mount Race Seat, Bride Seat Rail (Passenger)
Odyssey PC680 Battery
17x9.5 +12 F, 18x9.5 +12 R MB Battle Wheels, Gunmetal
18x9.5 +15 F, 18x10.5 +15 R Enkei RPF1 SBC Coat Wheels
350z Z33 Rear 17x8.5 Rear Wheels
A bunch of 15" wheels for drift spares
URAS Style Chaser Aero Sideskirts/Rear Bumper
GP Sports G-Sonic Style AIT Front Bumper/Rear Bumper
Other random Aero parts, weird veilside like sideskirts, etc.
GT wing Stuffs
180sx center panel

Heres various pictures.
When it was running