Thinking about building a Ranger Pre Runner.
I watch the CORR races and want something
similiar to one of those, but street legal.

I have found a few different suspension kits
that should give me the look and performance
I am looking for.

Are there any reputable shops around that can
do this kind of work? I don't want to spend $3-$4k
on a suspension kit and not have it put in right.

Here is my basic plan:
Ford Ranger
V8 swap 347 or 408 I want to set the engine back
to create better weight distribution. Guess a engine
plate would be the best route to go.
C4, Trans cooler.
Suspension kit that gives me 12"-14" of travel
Ford 8.8 with ARB Locker, welded tubes, heavy duty
33" tires.
And the usual skid plates and stuff.
Of course a full cage.

Also where can I take a truck like this and run it?

Thanks, Mike
Full cage, with spare in the rear.