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Thread: Honda Fury

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    Honda Fury

    Sat on one today at work. This bike looks amazing! Its fairly light for a cruiser with a pretty low stance to it. Im a little guy, but they bike it pretty easy to pick up compared to the other cruisers on the floor. I like it.

    Anybody have any experience with these?

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    Hi all
    This bike looking awesome and attractive color i have yellow honda Fury.The stock 2011 Honda Fury fortunately came with a black frame and wheels, which matched up well with the gold metal flake, so we had a solid starting point. Our first goal then was to tidy up the look of the rear end. For this, we looked to our friend Chris Hagest over at Low and Mean (L&M) for a little help.

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    They look nice and all, but they have NO power behind them. Very similar bike is the Yamaha RaiderS and the Stryker. The Stryker has the same size engine as the Fury. I wasnt very impressed with the Fury's power and response. The look is very very nice. I do admit that. But the power isnt there, its basically the same as the Stryker. The Stryker IS heavier, but they are close in power. The Fury's length makes it a BITCH to handle in tight areas n such.

    Personally...I'd go for the Raider S. Its a hair shorter than the Fury, but has 23 more horsepower. The engine is an 1854cc on it. As far as the pricing, i've seen some Fury bikes upto 14k, and as low as 10k. Raider is a little more, but not by much. I test rode a Raider and it was 11k with aftermarket exhaust, intake, and some other stuff.

    Before you get one, just kinda browse around and talk to guys in shops, even if they dont sell the Fury, get some unbiased opinions. If the Fury had more muscle, i'd be all over it, bitch is sexy, no doubt.


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