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Thread: Any affordable muffler/exhaust shops

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    Any affordable muffler/exhaust shops

    I live on the westbank in new orleans and was going around getting quotes to get some mufflers and tips welded on my car. Ive been quoted 180 and 210 already. I think thats a bit expensive. I have 2 mufflers and 2 exhaust tips to weld and probably 2 hangers that need to be welded on, so a total of 4 welds not including hangers. Any recommendations for muffler shops or anywhere that welds for a cheaper price? Thanks

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    try mark's muffler on st claude ave in the 9th ward

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trentmaster View Post
    try mark's muffler on st claude ave in the 9th ward
    Thanks, I decided to get it done at Barracks muffler. It is run and owned by an older guy. He does a good job, and makes sure it is done right the first time. He is slow though took from 9:30-3:30 to install 2 mufflers and 2 exhaust tips. Overall im happy with how it came out. He had to so some custom work to get it to fit right. It cost me 150 out the door.


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