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    annnnnddddddd Avatar has been tainted. lol

    try promoting at LFM. We have a date set up and it isn't even on the site :/
    Quote Originally Posted by Pastey View Post
    $200 is a lot up front but you are getting your money's worth. I've blown a lot more than that at a titty bar and had FAR less to show for it the next day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieHuntr View Post
    adam: I'm running a 300hp teg right now, and I got approved right away for callouts.

    As far as whats planned for my teg, I'm mainly focusing on putting together a respectable street car. I personally prefer to roll race myself. ( I suck at getting cars out the hole, and hwy runs are more fun to me anyway. )

    LS Block/crank
    Ported LS head
    Crower 403-t cams
    Supertech Valvetrain
    Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold ( ported to throttle body )
    Skunk2 Alpha Series 70mm Throttle Body
    ID1000 Injectors
    AEM Rail
    Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    JE Pistons ( 9:5:1 CR )
    Manley LS Rods
    LS Trans
    Carbon Syncro's from Syncrotech
    Competition Clutch Stage 5 clutch
    ACT Prolite Flywheel
    ARP Main/Head studs
    Hondata S300
    PLM Top Mount manifold
    Holset H1C turbo
    Tial 44mm Wastegate
    Greddy Type S 38mm BOV
    Go-Autoworks Intercooler
    I'm thinking I'll be running 2" intercooler piping ( I want to keep air velocity up so I can spool faster in theory )
    Exhaust will be no more than a 3" pipe coming off the v-band flange on turbo straight up through hood.

    I'm hoping to make 400HP on pump and somewhere around 450-470 on E85. Only thing I'm not intending to do is sleeve my block. If I crack a stock sleeve then I'll go back and do it, but for now I wanna see what my stock sleeves will do.
    Sounds like a pretty nice build man. Just setup your launch control with Hondata and you will not have a problem getting out quick. My car is purely a daily driver w/ fun on the side and that is what I built my turbo around. It's just a

    stock low compression B20B
    LS transmission
    550 r/c injectors
    Greddy Type S BOV
    SR20 T25 internal wastegate 5.5psi (oil and water cooled)
    CX racing turbo blanket (also helps keep the heat in the housing for quick spool)
    VHS oil catch can open to atmosphere. Used the prelude fittings much like the Endyn kit just not a closed system
    B&M FPR
    Walbro 255 pump
    converted od1 w/ Hondata S300
    Energy suspension all around
    skunk2 suspension
    Rota slips
    Greddy SP1 exhaust
    AEM wideband
    Autometer boost gauge
    Autometer oil pressure
    HKS type 1 turbo timer (kind of overkill b/c I have the coolant lines plumbed in but it shows my voltage when I don't have my laptop)
    Hasport mount kit but I put the stock rear and front mount back in to make it a smoother ride.
    B&M precision short shifter (love that thing)
    Xenocron electronic boost controller (going to go to 10psi when I'm ready to bring it to the dyno. Derek (DDtech) cam to my house and helped me with dialing in the ignition on the street great guy and I highly recommend him) It's pretty much a safe setup and will go for more power on the rollers.

    I haven't put anything in the motor yet and for what it is, it runs like a champ. I have so much fun with this car and everyone I have taken for a ride love how responsive it is. Derek used virtual dyno when we had the car out street tuning and it was making 225hp/215tq 5.5psi. Virtual dyno is like within 5% of a dyno. The T25 is perfect if you just want something fun on the street and not looking to make HUGE power. At $50 for the turbo I can't complain lol. The plan is to get a GT28 if I want more power after I go to PSI. I think I will be plenty happy with 10psi as i am pretty happy with only 5.5psi. The only thing old on this car is the paint.

    Since I have that one daily driving I got around to getting my CRX -LS/VTEC on the road. Right now I'm changing all the suspension out like I did on the integra and then they are both getting prepped for paint. I'm buying a house at the moment so I have to wait until later this year before I can pull the motors and paint.
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    I was a regular visitor about 10-12 years ago. Drama prob got to bad for most, that and people got older and moved on. I used to enjoy the old lakefront meets, but like I said that was back 12 years ago when I was right out of high school and had time for that. I check it every now and again when I'm at work and bored.

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    the creators of callouts made it for the focus on street racing.. people with hell flush shit and bikes on their roofs shouldn't be on there. stay on NOSR

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    Yeah, this forum used to be my go-to a few years back. With it being so slow, I'm having to resort to VWVortex.

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    There was definitely some drama on this site, but it was fun to read through some of that shit lol. I feel like we have more of a car scene out here now that everyone is older b/c they have higher dollar sports cars and or some pretty cool builds. I just liked seeing some grassroots builds going on and discussing it. Shit, most people I know never even knew about the forum and had some pretty nice builds. I still know of some pretty bad ass sleepers around town that you just wouldn't think are around here.

    Samcro, I'm a member of that forum and I like the bike racks on some cars. Do you know the creator???
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    I see no roof racks and herra flush here

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    My roof rack is in the mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahthisguyhere View Post
    Get rid of the damn black and blue theme. I miss the old nostreet days too, he'll I tried to join that other site the callouts and I've been denied like four times so I gave up. It's like if your not a 1000hp roll racer your not cool enough. What happened to everyone being car guys and enjoying cars?

    That is definitely one of the first things I will work on when I sit down and work on this.

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    Did somebody say DRAMA????


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