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Thread: Project ideas and opnions...

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    Project ideas and opnions...

    So I have not been around much on the forums for a few years. For those who know me the EVO is running great (FINALLY) and my 96 Civic's AC works so I need something else to tinker with. I'm thinking about a more ambitious longer term project. I basically have 4 things in mind. I'm interested to hear what you guys think of these from a pros and cons perspective. I'll give stuff Iíve thought of too...

    I know about the "Do what makes you happy" deal. I'm more looking for motivation, stuff I've overlooked, and general outside opinions.

    My biggest goal is to really craft something myself... All 4 of them will probably out perform any car I've ever had in at least some different ways.

    LSx Miata:
    Least ambitious, most likely to end up moving under its own power but also least involving and interesting to accomplish. I've had REALLY good automotive luck not blazing a completely new path so this route is appealing for the high likelihood of success.

    Damn ambitious but well-traveled. I love to weld and would love to get something done from scratch. Performance is great but they really are super ugly and the least safe of the 4

    Factory 5 MK4 Roadster (Cobra kit car)
    Costs quite a bit and I don't get to weld a frame or suspension components but also has a really high likelihood of a successfully running car at the end. Finished product is super sexy BUT won't drive like the Locost or Miata and will just be a cobra replica as opposed to something really unique.

    Factory 5 818 (Subaru based kit car)
    Costs less than the cobra kit but should be more Miata/locost like. Newness of the kit worries me. It could be spooky at the limit on the track. I've read mixed reviews.

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    lsx miata.

    parts are easier to come by and the way to set it up is endless.

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    LsX Miata. Great handling little cars, lots of support for the drivetrain. If you go 1st gen, expect to do some pretty involved fender work to get big tires crammed under the fenders (like cutting/flares). If you look at a 99-2005 they have a bit more room, but depending on how wide a tire you try to use you'll end up with the torch in your hand again. I used to own a 96 (no V8) and had 7" wide tires in there pretty easily. 8" is doable with some fender rolling/pulling. 9" or better, and you're going to have to get a little nasty.

    If you go this route, and live within a reasonable distance from Mandeville, hit me up if you need help. I can't say I have experience with a v8 swap, but I know the chassis backwards and forwards from when I used to race mine.
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    I've had a 99 miata before. They are great cars. I think the LS1 swap fixes the few problems they have. The biggest downside is that it's just another motor swap. I've done several. The other cars are an oppurtunity to really build something from the ground up (To varying degrees)...

    The Miata could have AC though :)

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