View Full Version : Need help on installing a rear bumper on a 1998 Honda civic ex sedan

03-24-2013, 07:21 PM
Found one on eBay that will be painted to match my car. How hard is it to remove the bumper and install a new one? Also them be more doesn't come with the bumper so I need that as well. Any ideas where I can find those?


03-24-2013, 07:45 PM
If u were in baton rouge I'd throw it on for ya. They aren't difficult at all. Pretty straight forward.

03-24-2013, 08:57 PM
Yeah i can help. Ive done it a few (hundred) times.

03-24-2013, 10:46 PM
Need help replacing the headlight bulbs. Don't have enough room thru the engine bay. Can I just remove the headlights and change them that way.

03-25-2013, 02:31 AM
Sbould be enough room in the bay. Or you can wait till bumpers off and just pull the headlights out.

03-26-2013, 09:08 PM
Guess I got big hands cause I can't do shit in there. Guess I will attempt to take the bumper off.