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03-03-2011, 11:06 PM
ive had this gun for about 3 months. i bought it from a member off bayou /shooters but it was brand new. ive treated this gun with the utmost care. there are a total of 100 rounds fired through which ive saved the casing in case you want to see those also. i shot winchester white box through it and no FTF's.
this is a great gun but i used it as my CCW. im only selling cause i want the new sig moquito .
asking price for pistol+2mags+xd gear holster+xtra random holster is 430$ comes with original case and everything else that comes with the gun when its new.

also for sale is some 9mm ammo.

i have a box of 28$ corbon +p115g JHP's pn SD09115/20 (this is some bad shit!)
also for grabs is winchester ranger 147gr t-series pnRA9T-30$
last but not least, i have a box of Winchester bonded PDX1 +p 124g pn S9MMPDB 20$

contact me at 225-three24-two835

i believe my prices are more than fair. im open to offers but anyone who tries to jew me down will be subject to redicule.
pic to follow
my name is Dat. id like to sell this soon and i believe my price is more than fair.
located in BR



03-08-2011, 02:14 PM
is that a 3.8 barrel?